Why You Should Drink First Brew AlmondPlus Before Your Workout

When it comes to your workout, go back to the basics. Forget pre-workout or complicated meal guidelines and restrictions. A simple bottle of First Brew AlmondPlus before you workout is all you need to get ready for a fulfilling, effective day at the gym. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why First Brew AlmondPlus is a must-have for any workout enthusiast:

Whether you are tired or just need a boost to maximize your workout, AlmondPlus offers nutrients that boost your energy. The almonds and perilla seeds, for example, are packed with nutrients that give you energy. Also, all of our flavours offer additional nutrients that make drinking AlmondPlus before you head to the gym a simple, nutritious, and convenient choice.

Nutrients for Recovery
What you do before your workout can make a huge difference on how you feel after your workout. The nutrients and health boosting properties of the First Brew milk-alternative beverage not only energize you while you are working out, but begin rejuvenating your muscles and boosting your recovery right away. If you are drinking AlmondPlus on a daily basis, like many of our fans, this will contribute to a long-term ability to quickly recover and revitalize your muscles after every workout.

Digests Easier Than Food
AlmondPlus the perfect choice before a workout because of its ease of digestion. It is easy on the digestive system allowing you to start your workout right away. No more worrying about timing your eating or determining whether you have properly digested before heading to the gym. Grab your favourite flavour out of the fridge, drink it, and get started on your workout as your body catalyzes your nutrients for a naturally boosted workout.