Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information/Storage 

Are your products Halal Certified?

Yes! All of them are.

What is the difference between AlmondPlus and Almond Culture?

AlmondPlus is a Meal-In-A-Bottle. The viscosity of the product is much thicker and it makes you feel full for up to 4 hours. On the other hand, Almond Culture is a daily drink, fortified with Prebiotics and Lactobacillus Paracasei 10 Billion Cells. It is good for strengthening our immune system. It is also 50% lighter in texture and easily consumed as a health drink.

Where can I get the Almond Culture drinks?

Currently, Almond Culture bottles can be purchased from Cold Storage Online/Cold Storage, Marketplace, or Jasons Deli physical stores. Follow us on Instagram @firstbrewsg for the full list of retail outlets. 

Do I need to refrigerate the products?

You can store the products at room temperature. However, the Almond Drink, Almond Bird’s Nest, Soya Milk, Jelly Cups, Agar-agar and Bandung need to be stored between  2°C to 4°C upon receiving. You can also check the product label for storage instructions.  

Do you have Nutritional Information?

The nutritional information of our drinks can be found on our product’s individual pages.  

Are there synthetic additives in your Soy Milk 5kg? 

No. We use only non-GMO soybeans from Canada, pandan leaves and cane sugar (if sweetened) with no preservatives or artificial flavouring.  

Is there a reduced sugar variety?

Yes, Soya Milk No Sugar comes in a 5kg bag. You may add sugar or sweetener according to your taste before consuming it.  

Do you have bottled Soy Milk without added sugar?

No. The bottled Soy Milk at 420ml is sweetened with sugar. Currently, we do not offer unsweetened bottled soy milk. Our Bottled Soy Milk is sweetened with 6.7g of sugar per 100ml. 

What is the difference between Bottled Soy Milk and the 5kg Soy Milk?

Bottled and Pouch contain the same ingredients but are produced slightly differently. Bottled Soy Milk is suited for people who prefer convenience, whereas the 5kg Pouch is more suited for larger groups who want to buy and use it in bulk. Another difference is that bottled milk has a minimum 45 days shelf life, whereas the 5kg pouch has a minimum 15 days shelf life. 

What is the percentage of bird’s nest is inside Realfit and Almond Bird’s Nest?

While we generally do not give out our recipes, we can assure that both products are made from 100% genuine bird’s nest, without preservatives or added colouring. 



How can I open the bottle cap easily?

Turn the bottle upside down, knock the cap on a hard surface and that should do the trick. 

We have attempted to change the caps to make it easier for opening. However, as our drinks do not contain any preservatives, any change of caps may affect the quality of our products. We are continually looking for ways to innovate and create a better product for you.  

How can I recycle my bottles?

When you purchase the next order, we will collect the empty bottles from you. 

Check out our Instagram for ways to reuse our bottles creatively.



Can I customise my messages?

Yes you can! We do customise messages and print it out on a note. Leave your note on your order form. 



When will I get my order?  

Upon receiving your order, it will be processed within 2 working days and delivered to you within 5 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays). Our delivery timings are from 6am – 1pm from Mondays to Saturdays (excluding PH). Our delivery timings are dependent on our volume of stocks and delivery route on the day itself. 

Can I receive my products on a specific day? 

We will do our best to accommodate specific requests and drop a note to the respective driver. However, we seek your understanding as the drivers follow their own schedule and route. If you would like a specific date and time, we suggest that you order from Lalamove App. It usually costs between $10 – $20 per trip and is delivered within 1 hour. We are able to assist with this option. 

Why is your delivery time between 6am to 1pm?

In order to freshly deliver stocks to some of our F&B clients who start their business as early as 6am, our delivery fleet starts as early as 3am. Henceforth, your order is scheduled according to the route of the fleet. The timing is dependent on the volume of stocks and number of drop off points. However, our fleet will do their best to schedule your order to be after 7a.m. 

Is there any minimum spending required for the free delivery?

Yes. There is a minimum spending of $35 for the free delivery. A delivery fee of $3.99 will be charged if the amount is not met. 

Which area do you cover for delivery?

We deliver Islandwide except Jurong Island & Sentosa. 

Can I do self-collection?

We are partnering with the government to support contract tracing measures. Therefore, we do not currently provide a self-collection option until Covid-19 is completely under control. Together, we can fight this! Stay safe!=

Do we have a physical store? 

No, we do not 🙁 However, you can find our herbal beverages at Fairprice, Caltex and Cheers. Our Almond Culture series is currently being exclusively sold at Cold Storage, Marketplace, or Jasons Deli. 


Refund and cancellation 

We strive to ensure that the products delivered to you have a minimum shelf life of 3 months, except chilled items which generally have short shelf life.

As our products are all food-based, all sales are final at their point of delivery. Hence, products are not returnable except at the time of delivery.

Due to product integrity and food safety concerns, in the event that products are returned due to:

  1. Incorrect address information entered during checkout
  2. Taste preferences
  3. Incorrect product types selected during checkout 
  4. Change of mind after receiving the items

Products cannot be resold and we are unable to facilitate a refund.

Please note that products are still returnable at the time of delivery. However, re-delivery is chargeable at $5. 


Product issue

I have received damaged/defective products. What should I do?

To refund/replace products after delivery, due to damage or of questionable quality issues after investigation, kindly note that refunds would take up to 21 working days to be processed and are subjected to your credit card’s billing cycle. Replacement of products would take up to 14 working days to be processed, subjected to investigation period required.