3 Reasons What You Drink is as Important as What You Eat

New fad diets and health-focused articles are released everyday. The problem? These diets and articles are focused on what you eat. What you may not realize is that what you drink is equally as important as what you eat. Here’s why:

Make Every Drink Count
Whether it is while you are on your way to work, sitting in a meeting, going to class, or heading to workout, there is often a beverage in your hand. There are few things that play as big of a role in your day as consuming beverages. In fact, you spend a lot more of your day with a drink nearby than eating food. Make every drink count. Instead of refuelling on calorie-filled, nutrient-lacking drinks like soda or sugary juices, First Brew AlmondPlus makes an excellent, tasty alternative.

It Can Offer Tons of Nutrients
Get the nutrients you are missing from your meals in a delicious drink you love. Many times it is easy to skip over breakfast or grab a quick, easy lunch rather than a nutritious one — that’s okay! It is challenging to stay healthy and get the nutrients you need. That is why we created AlmondPlus, a beverage where you can both enjoy the delicious flavours and get the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

It is Easy
AlmondPlus is simple. No prep work. No clean up. No planning ahead — just grab and go. That is why what you drink is so important! It is a huge part of your day and much easier to grab a drink full of nutrients than make a balanced, delicious meal. Keep your favourite flavour on hand to get that boost of energy or nutrients you need when a balanced meal is out of reach.